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Meggan Morency Wild West Night

February 29, 2020
Ron Bergeron’s Green Glades Ranch

Bob Morency’s daughter, Meggan was a 17-year old devoted equestrienne who died in 2003 from injuries sustained while competing in a local equestrian event. To honor her memory and to provide healing to other children, the Meggan Morency Wild West Night has been held annually since its inception in 2003.

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2019 Entertainment Lineup

Randy Houser

Country and Western superstar Randy Houser will be the featured performer at
the 2019 Meggan Morency Wild West Night.  Among his many accolades, Houser has previously been nominated for Top New Solo Vocalist of the Year, Music Video of the Year and CMA New Artist of the Year.

Diamond Rose

Diamond Rose, an accomplished singer/ songwriter, was born and raised on a Florida ranch bordering the Everglades, Now a Nashville regular, Bergeron describes her music as authentic with a sprinkling of her life’s experiences.


Sebastian Estevez

6-year-old Sebastian Estevez suffers from a deadly, genetic disease called Hunter Syndrome. The disease affects every system in the body and incrementally takes away a child’s ability to talk, hear, play, learn, and grow. There is no cure.      

He sees numerous specialists to monitor and treat his condition.  He’s had 6 surgeries and numerous invasive interventions.  In short, much of Sebastian’s life revolves around disease and his family’s fundraising efforts to save Sebastian’s life and other children  like him.  

Sebastian’s life isn’t all sickness, disability and fundraising. Every Tuesday, Bit by Bit provides Sebastian the opportunity to have fun and also address some of his mobility issues without feeling like he’s at another doctor’s appointment. However, the most important aspect of his improvement is in his self-confidence.  Sebastian tends to be very fearful and hesitant to try new things, but riding teaches him to trust himself and others. He loves telling everyone that he knows how to ride horses. It’s truly a source of pride for him.

When he is at Bit by Bit, Sebastian isn’t a sick child. He’s a kid who loves animals. He’s a child who loves the outdoors. He’s a little boy who rides horses. He’s a kid who is brave. He’s a child who is living. 

Jeff & Mary Dellenbach

The Dellenbach Foundation was established in 2016. After an astonishing 16 year NFL career, Jeff, a former center, offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion along with his wife Mary, a seasoned Realtor specializing in the sports entertainment sector for Sotheby’s, founded the non-profit organization that focuses on providing funds, volunteer services and supplies with an emphasis on areas where other assistance is unavailable or insufficient for severely ill and injured children as well as to U.S. Veterans and their families. For over 35 years, Jeff and Mary have been forefront for countless charities that truly make a difference, including Saint Jude’s to whom they connect their own personal story, and for those in uniform who served our country. Although South Florida is where they call home, their philanthropic efforts are eminent throughout the country.




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