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Typical Riding Lesson Program


How Do I Start?

For you to participate in our typical riding lesson program, you only need complete our Riding Lesson Registration Form. Please call 954-246-9171 to get your lesson appointment!

Did you ever want to feel the power and freedom of the horse?

Do you want to make sure that you receive professional and safe lessons from instructors with experience? Here is your chance because we also offer riding lessons for people without special needs.

Bit-By-Bit teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced horseback riding classes for anyone that wants to learn how to ride a horse. Our Typical Riding Lesson Programs are instructed by a highly professional staff of teachers who are there to help you learn. Our horses are all athletes that train daily to make sure you get a quality experience. Our instructors are knowledgeable about the human body and it’s unique relationship with the horse. Don’t trust just anyone, experience the best.

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Classes for all Skills Levels

We teach:

  • Accredited Centered Riding Instructors on staff
  • Lessons that go at your speed
  • Lessons for all ages
  • Smoothly transition from the walk to trot to canter to jump
  • Jumping that is appropriate for both rider and horse ability
  • Schooling that improves horse and rider strength and flexibility
  • Ground Handling equine skills to improve partnership and respect
  • Trail riding in native Florida that is fun, social, and exciting!

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