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What Makes Us Unique

Bit-By-Bit is both an American Hippotherapy Association Registered Facility and a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center specializing in speech, occupational and physical therapies.

Bit by Bit is made up of a team of 15-20 passionate and dedicated physical,
occupational, and speech therapists, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors, allied health student interns and support staff. Our committed Board of Directors meets monthly in order to ensure the success of our charitable mission.

We have the pleasure of working with hundreds of volunteers each year and are thankful for their service.


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Meet Out Staff

Susan March RPT

Executive Director

In the year 2000, Susan was a practicing pediatric therapist with a love of horses. While covering for another therapist she discovered a treatment strategy called hippotherapy. She was so amazed and intrigued by this new type of therapy that soon, in conjunction with friend and colleague Kathleen Pegues and a few passionate parents, they founded Bit-By-Bit in 2002. Susan and Kathy each
purchased a horse and began treating their first 4 patients. In December of 2015, after years of hard work, the long held goal of purchasing a barn came true! The program grew and today offers over
500 therapy sessions per month.

Originally from Connecticut, Susan has been practicing as a Physical Therapist for over 40 years.
Her tremendous experience in the areas of physical dysfunction, neurological impairments, and
sensory processing disorders has traversed the lifespan from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Denise Panariello MS, OTR/L

Program Director

Denise has been working with children and families since 1996 in the mental health field. Denise
received her Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology in 2003 and her second Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy in 2011. She has extensive training in applied behavior
analysis/behavior therapy. Denise is a Certified Infant & Toddler Developmental Specialist. Denise is a also a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor & American Hippotherapy Association Registered Therapist. Denise was promoted from senior therapist to Program Director for Bit-By-Bit in 2016. Denise and her son, A.J., live in Davie, Florida and enjoy canine assisted therapies when they are not at the barn with the horses!

Kathleen Pegues MS, OTR/L

Board of Directors & Founding Member

Kathleen is originally from the Bronx, New York where she attended the Bronx High School of Science. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Biology from the State University of New York at Albany. She received her post-graduate degree from Florida International University in Occupational Therapy. Kathleen has specialized in pediatrics and equine assisted therapies since 1998. Kathleen is both a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and AHA registered therapist. In 2012, Kathleen won the Gail Hills, PhD, OTR, FAOTA Award for Scholarship in Occupational Therapy from the Department of Health Sciences at Florida International University. Kathleen served for 14 years as our Executive Director and retired in 2016. She currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

Our Horses


We carefully choose each horse and match it with the individual clients’ needs. Read more about each of them below…

Country Music

Country Music was one of the first horses to start in our program in 2003. He has been a great asset to Bit-By-Bit. He has taken care of many children with various disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, downs syndrome, and developmental delay. He has helped many children throughout his 14 year career. His wonderful equine movement helps to improve gross motor skills including sitting, standing, and walking as well as to improve range of motion, balance, strength, and endurance.

Several kids have said their first words on Country, and because of Country’s beautiful rhythmical gait, he has helped many children improve in many areas. He is the “alpha” horse of our herd and everyone at the barn knows it!!


Gypsy is the only mare in our herd. She is a Pasafino which means she is a “gaited” horse. Her gait is less concussive than the other horses in our herd.This makes her a favorite to use with children who have anxiety. She is also fairly short and narrow which makes her ideal for small children or those with very tight hips due to spasticity. She is known to be sassy and gives the boys in our herd a hard time! She has been working with the children at BBB for more than 7 years.


We call Chubbie our “rock star!” He is a Hafflinger pony which means he is very short and stocky. He is a strong horse with a broad back. He works with all types of children and can support more weight than one would think, given his short stature. He is not afraid of anything and can carry people with more severe disabilities without difficulty, allowing the therapist an easier way to work with these involved clients. He is almost 18 years old and has been working at Bit-By-Bit for over 7 years.


Copper is the newest member of our herd. He is a beautiful copper-colored quarter horse with an
impressive bloodline. He is sweet and affectionate and is a favorite in the barn. He loves being bathed and groomed and is used for these activities during our Horses for Heroes sessions. He has been undergoing some pretty intensive training since we acquired him almost 2 years ago, and is becoming a great all-around equine partner. He is 12 years old and loves working.

Hank the Tank

Hank is an 11-year-old Quarter Horse and Draft mix who was rescued on his way to slaughter in 2013. He was neglected and possibly kept overweight to garner more money at slaughter. We were able to immediately assess his temperament as patient and brave – all the best qualities for a therapy horse – but his conditioning was poor. As soon as he came home with us, Hank was placed on a proper diet and regular exercise regimen.

Due to Hank’s steady personality, he was chosen to be trained for our “tandem hippo therapy” program. His large physique and trustworthiness made him ideal to safely carry a therapist and a child simultaneously.

Hank the Tank is loved for his ability to be calm if a child with autism is having a rough day and melts down while riding him. He is also appreciated by the wounded veterans for his tolerance and patience as they fight to regain their balance after amputation or traumatic brain injury.

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