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Bit-By-Bit Therapy

Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated intervention program to achieve functional outcomes. Hippotherapy is performed on the horse. Equine assisted activities and therapies may be on or off the horse depending on the client’s needs.

For our most severely physically impaired riders, our therapists are trained in tandem hippotherapy (where the therapist sits behind the rider on the horse). Only a handful of centers nationwide can perform these intense techniques.

Powerful Treatment Strategy

Equine movement provides multidimensional movement, which is variable, rhythmic and repetitive. The horse provides a dynamic base of support, making it an excellent tool for increasing trunk strength and control, balance, building overall postural strength and endurance, addressing weight bearing, and motor planning.

The effects of equine movement on postural control, sensory systems, and motor planning can be used to facilitate coordination and timing, grading of responses, respiratory control, sensory integration skills, and attention skills. Equine movement can be used to facilitate the neurophysiologic systems that support all of our functional daily living skills.

A doctor’s prescription is required to participate in Therapy services. A list of services offered and price list are enclosed in the downloadable packet:

Recreational Therapeutic Horseback Riding

A disability does not have to limit a person from riding horses. In fact, experiencing the motion of a horse can be very therapeutic. Because horseback riding rhythmically moves the rider’s body in a manner similar to a human gait, riders with physical disabilities often show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding lessons, also known as adaptive riding, are recreational riding lessons that are designed to accommodate the special needs of the rider. Lessons may be private or in small groups of 2 -4 riders. Therapeutic Riding lessons are not usually covered by health insurance as they are recreational ( non-medical ) lessons

Horses for Heroes
Veterans Program

Bit-By-Bit’s Horses for Heroes Veteran’s Program assists military veterans & their families by providing equine assisted activities and therapies free of charge. We strive to support these brave warriors by helping them heal from & cope with the effects of war, injury, and trauma through the gifts of the horse.

To accomplish this, we offer rehabilitation services for Veterans of any age who can benefit from being involved with equines. Our partnership with the Miami Veteran’s Administration and Mission United ensures quality, compassionate, and highly specialized help to our servicemen and women. We schedule both groups and private sessions for our veterans.

Help move a veteran from the waiting list to the back of a therapy horse.

Volunteers are needed. Register to help with the Horses for Heroes program:

Riding Lessons & Group Rides

Bit-By-Bit teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced horseback riding classes for anyone who wants to learn how to ride a horse. Our typical Riding Lesson Programs are instructed by a highly  professional staff of teachers who are there to help you learn. Our horses are all athletes that train daily to make sure you get a quality experience. Our instructors are knowledgeable about the human body and it’s unique relationship with the horse.

  • Recreational Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  • Accredited Centered Riding Instructors on staff
  • Lessons that go at your speed
  • Lessons for all ages
  • Smoothly transition from the walk to trot to canter to jump
  • Jumping that is appropriate for both rider and horse ability
  • Schooling that improves horse and rider strength and flexibility
  • Ground Handling equine skills to improve partnership and respect

We offer a variety of adult riding groups. Groups meet weekly and you can join us at any time.
Call us at (754) 779-7888 to join in!

30 Min Individual Lesson = $50.00 USD
1 Hour Group Lesson = $50.00 USD

Groups & Scouts

Scout Programs Welcome!

COST: $35 per rider for 2-hour Horseback Riding Workshop

We can host groups of up to 12 children (minimum 8) per day. 6 years of age and up. No riding experience is required!

Included in the 2-Hour Workshop:

  • Nonmounted Instruction: Covers Intro to Equines, Horse Body Language & Safety, Horse Care,  Grooming & Tacking, Responsibility!
  • Horse-related craft is optional (no extra cost but we must be notified upon time of booking)
  • Mounted Lesson: 45 minute lesson on horseback in groups of 4 or less at a time per instructor.  Time includes grooming, tacking, mounting, riding, and dismounting.
  • Horse leaders and sidewalkers may be provided for the child depending on age/ability of scout in  order to maximize safety. Please note: If you have a child with special needs in your group, please  disclose this information at the time of group registration, so that we may make the proper  accommodations ahead of time. We reserve the right to modify the activities based upon the safety  and ability of any child.
  • We provide all helmets, tack and equipment. Scout must attend wearing proper attire (long pants,  closed toe sneakers or boots). Leaders are responsible for providing Equestrian Awards (belt loops,  patches etc.).
  • Girl Scout & Boy Scout Council rules and regulations are strictly adhered to.

Please have each participant complete a Scout Registration Form PRIOR to arrival.
Sorry, we cannot accommodate non-scout siblings or guests during these programs.

Payment in full for all workshops is due no later than 15 days prior to event and may be paid by check or credit card.